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Reprogramming your DNA

What is DNA reprogramming ?

DNA is not static: it evolves according to stress and emotions. Emotions and thoughts are therefore responsible for altering the expression, "deactivation" and "activation" of genes. These changes cause a dysfunction in the role of our organs, in the secretion of our hormones and enzymes, in the reproduction of our cells and in the very structure of our body. 

These can lead to the following inconveniences: 

  • Digestive problems (poor absorption of nutrients, stomach pain, etc.),

  • Allergies and intolerances,

  • Impaired metabolism,

  • Thyroid problem,

  • Unexplained fatigue,

  • Hormonal imbalance,

  • Increased aging of cells,

  • Tumor and cancer, etc.

For example, if the gene responsible for histidine production is no longer active, the individual will have problems with stomach acid production and becomes intolerant to foods containing histamine. Histamine being present in 80% of our food, the daily constraint is heavy! The resulting consequences include: fatigue, anemia, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, etc. 

By reprogramming his DNA and restoring the normal functioning of his genes, the individual can regain a state of optimal health and well-being. 

This practice in no way precludes appropriate medical follow-up and no ongoing treatment should be stopped without consulting a doctor.


For how ?

Reprogramming your DNA is for anyone who:

  • face digestive disorders ;

  • has allergies or intolerances ;

  • is tired without particular reason ;

  • has a hormonal imbalance ;

  • see recurring disorders or issues.

This energy healing therapy is for everyone, there is no minimum age, even children and pregnant women can benefit from it. 


How a session works

Before we begin, I take a moment to get to know you better, discuss your needs or expectations and answer your questions.

The session lasts about 1h and does not require any physical manipulation, just hands on places of the body covering chakras and meridians.

You keep your clothes throughout the session.


The session is divided into two parts:

Dans la première partie du soin, je vais vous poser un certain nombre de questions pour comprendre la nature de votre problématique et les causes premières possibles.

Dans la seconde partie, je viens poser mes mains votre corps et procéder à la libération de l'émotion responsable du dérèglement du gène et reprogrammer le fonctionnement de celui-ci. Il est tout à fait possible de ressentir une sensation de chaleur, des picotements ou de frissons pendant la reprogrammation. 


What's next

During the days following the session, I recommend that you drink enough water to allow the body to eliminate toxins and fluidize the flow of energy, but also to avoid alcohol and junk food, if possible.


You may encounter an adjustment such as: 

  • a fatigue

  • an emotional escalation (irritability, increased sensitivity, lack of patience, etc.)

  • a digestive discomfort

  • a punctual increase of an already existing pain (it lasts a maximum of 2-3 days) - this is the sign that the body goes through a process of elimination of toxins 


These states are transient and just show that the body adjusts to the changes that were triggered during the session.

​Sometimes the changes are perceived instantaneously, while for others it is possible that the effects do not appear until a few days or weeks later.

I also recommend that you take 3 to 4 weeks between the sessions in order to give the body (and yourself) time to integrate the information received and physically implement the changes initiated during the session. 

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