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12 Rays Cosmic Healing 

What is the 12 Rays Cosmic Healing 

The 12 Rays Cosmic Healing technic uses the energy of ascension of consciousness and soul. 

This holistic energy technic allows to:

  • reconnect the individual to his soul and his life mission by putting him in his rightful place in the world,

  • connect the individual to its essence and to regain awareness of its identity with a view to self-realization.


The 12 Rays will route the energy through your highest body which includes the highest level of consciousness and spirituality that man can attain, down to the physical body. In this state, the person is in perfect harmony with himself and lets his real and deep identity express itself. 

The 12 Rays refer to the 12 qualities necessary to reconnect the soul to the universal consciousness. 

Each ray has its color, its vibratory energy and each represents one of the facets of the spiritual consciousness.


By intervening on the highest spiritual body, the practitioner allows the reactivation of the bridge that connects the Person to the Source and acts on all the subtle bodies of the person. 


The energy will act on the physical, psychological/emotional and karmic blockages.


The integration takes place smoothly and in a deep and sustainable way, although the change is almost instantaneous in terms of energy. The degree of change always depends on the person’s ability to integrate that change, so that the recovery process follows the natural rhythm that suits everyone.

This is not a substitute for ongoing medical treatment, but it complements it.


For who ?

The 12 Rays Cosmic Healing is addressed to anyone who:

  • is looking for its true self,

  • realizes that some things no longer satisfy him/her without knowing how to fill this perceived void,

  • feels at the wrong place,

  • wonder what he/she came to Earth to do,

  • feels trapped in life and doesn’t know where to start,

  • feel invaded by his/her daily life, etc.


​This healing technic is opened to everyone, there is no minimum age, even children and pregnant women can benefit from it. 


How a session works

Before we begin, I take a moment to get to know you better and discuss your intentions or expectations and answer your questions.

The session lasts about 1h30 and does not require physical manipulation, just hand attachments.

You keep your clothes throughout the treatment. 


The session is divided into two parts. 

I will first place my hands on your body on specific energy points that follow the meridians in Chinese medicine in order to fluidize the flow of energy in the body. You may feel a sense of warmth, tingling, or pressure in some areas of the body.

The second part is silent but I continue my work, without touching your body, although my hands are a few centimeters from it. During this part you usually are in a state of deep meditation during which you reconnect to your Higher Self and receive information or proceed to release your blockages. 

If you see improvements, I encourage you to discuss them with your doctor before you change or stop any ongoing treatment. 


What's next ?

During the days following the session, I recommend that you drink enough water to allow the body to eliminate toxins and fluidize the flow of energy, but also to avoid alcohol and too fatty food, if possible.


​You may encounter an adjustment such as: 

  • fatigue 

  • an emotional escalation (irritability, increased sensitivity, lack of patience, etc.)

  • a digestive discomfort

  • a punctual increase of an already existing pain (it lasts a maximum of 2-3 days) - this is the sign that the body goes through a process of elimination of toxins 


These states are transient and just show that the body adjusts to the changes that were triggered during the session.

Sometimes the changes are perceived instantaneously, while for others it is possible that the effects do not appear until a few days or weeks later. Stay open and attentive to the changes, synchronicities, encounters or happenings that happen in your life after the session, you never know how it will manifest. 


I also recommend that you take 3 to 4 weeks between the sessions in order to give the body (and yourself) time to integrate the information received and physically implement the changes initiated during the session. 

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