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This website is dedicated to your well-being and personal development. I invite you to discover a world of energy practices and holistic care designed to help you find balance in your life.

​I am deeply convinced that each individual has the potential for self healing and transformation. As a practitioner specialized in Reiki, the 12 Rays and karmic and transgenerational memories release, I offer you valuable tools to unlock and activate your potential while freeing the blockages that hinder your well-being.

About me

I have been a Project Manager working in Finance in Luxembourg for 10 years.


As my career progressed, I realized I was missing something my work and my daily life did not bring me. I also began to wonder a lot about the meaning of life and what "I came to do here".


This is how I opened up to energy, first through meetings, then care, and finally training.


My discovery began with the biodecoding of emotion-related diseases, then I gradually turned to the more subtle energy techniques, namely Reiki and the 12 Rays Cosmic Healing, but also the Akashic archives.


Biodecoding is a great way to understand a person's emotional and physical state and identify blockages and obstacles that the person may encounter in their life. However, sometimes awareness is not enough to lift these blocks and brakes. We need to take a more holistic approach and take action in other areas.


It is conscious of these limits that I turned to the energy healing therapy of Reiki Usui. Reiki was taught to me by one of Nita Mocanu’s partner Reiki Masters, himself trained by William Lee Rand who belongs to the lineage of Japanese Masters following the original teaching of Mikao Usui. Wishing to deepen the benefits of Reiki, I also trained at Reiki Karuna ©.


During a discovery session of the 12 Rays Cosmic Healing, I was able to experience a reconnection to my Higher Self and an expansion of Consciousness. This energetic technique makes it possible to put the individual in their rightful place in his life, that is, aligned with the values of his soul. By connecting the individual to his or her very essence, he or she regains awareness of his or her identity to achieve self-realization.


Do you have a question ?

Feel free to reach out to me !

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