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Karmic and Transgenerational Memories Healing

What is Karmic and Transgenerational Memories Healing ?

The karmic and transgenerational memories healing acts at the level of the soul.


In our previous lives we have accumulated certain traumas, signed certain contracts (between two people, vows of poverty or celibacy, etc.) have sworn to avenge us, etc. that come to impact our current life. This can result in phobic fears, a hindrance in professional/ financial/ family/ relational success and whatever efforts you can make, difficulties in meeting someone, etc. 


The care of liberation of transgenerational memories comes to act at the level of memories and repetitive family patterns, blockages and “non-spoken” that cross generations. This can translate into a reproduction of the sufferings and lifestyles of our ancestors, limiting beliefs, a repetition in professional activities, sometimes to complete what the ancestor could not complete, sometimes to relieve or release him emotionally by taking some of his suffering.  


For who ?

The karmic and transgenerational memories healing is addressed to anyone who faces:

  • repetitive patterns in his life, in terms of personal experiences, 

  • repetitive family patterns (bankruptcy, abortion, abandonment, etc.), 

  • blockages or fears/phobias which cause is unexplained,

  • suffering without knowing the cause,

  • birthday syndrome,

  • family loyalty (for example, restoring honour or social status), etc.


Some family legacies keep us away from our true identity. The memories released at the time of an energy therapy session are released for the person but also for his ancestors and future descendants.

This allows you to resume your place and make your choices, no longer out of family loyalty or previous blockage, but in alignment and consistency with who you really are. 


This session is for everyone, there is no minimum age, even pregnant women can benefit from it. 


How a session works

I am contacting you by phone or Zoom (or other) to get to know you better and discuss your need. 

During this exchange and based on the available information you have, I will have a first lead as to the cause of your blockage. However, I never know for sure in advance what will present itself as a cause at the meeting. 


I will also answer any questions you may have about the meeting.


In case the cause of your blockage is karmic, I will come to act on the previous life that is triggering the blockage you are experiencing and reverse the trauma/ break the contract/ reconcile and forgive the two people/ etc. The idea is to release the emotion that remained blocked in the other life/ break the contract/ finish action/ etc. so that it no longer impacts you in your current life. 


​In the event where the cause of your blockage is transgenerational (with a deceased or living ancestor), I will return the trauma/blockage/emotion to the ancestor to whom it belongs and will cleanse the suffering from that ancestor to release it. By releasing him/her, I’m releasing you as well. I then proceed to cleanse the bond between you and the ancestor concerned to remove any memory of suffering and loyalty that harms you. 


Know that everything is done in love and compassion. There is no judgment on my part.


These two healing are done remotely, ideally with photo. 


You do not know in advance the time of day during which I do the session. 


Once I am done, I send you a voice or phone report.


What's next ?

We let it happen. 


I encourage you not to think too much about your blockages so as not to "revive" the embers. The settlements will be done gradually. 

Let's keep in touch

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